• Security System Technician Course

    The CCTV industry is a world of endless change and rapid evolution. With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat criminal and terro rist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV training courses cont inue to be extremely popular. Our combination of classroom theory and h ands-on practical training courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology. Our t raining courses cover the entire CCTV system planning and design proces s as well as the specification, installation, setup and maintenance of key system components such as cameras,

    Foundation CCTV

    The CCTV industry is a world of endless change and rapid evolution. To keep pace with these developments our flagship Foundation CCTV course has been updated to include all the latest technology. Its content is a perfect introduction for those who are entering the industry for the first time and is an ideal refresher for established professionals who need to move forwards from analogue to digital CCTV.

    CCTV Installation Course

    This course is designed for those who wish to enhance their skills in the installation of the latest analogue and digital CCTV equipment - including IP technology - used in today's security industry. An ideal ‘follow on’ course from Foundation CCTV.

  • CCTV Repair and Maintenance
  • CCTV Wireless Transmission
  • CCTV Lighting
  • CCTV System Planning
  • ptz controlling
  • CCTV IP camera
  • video door phone
  • rfid control system
  • punching attendance MACHINES TRAINING

  • cctv-41

    Optical Fiber Technician Course

    This Accredited and Certificated Fiber Optics Technician Course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Fiber Optics Technician or who needs to understand or use Fiber Technology within their job. This program combines both theory and practical exercises with at least 75% hands-on activities. This course introduces the student to industry standards governing FTTD (Fiber To The Desk), FTTH (Fiber To The Home, LAN/WAN fiber networks and further introduces the student to Practical Fusion and Mechanical Splicing. Fiber Optics Technician Course Overview Our mission is to provide our students with the hands-on knowledge and the ability to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used in fiber installation; and install, terminate, splice and properly fault test installed fiber cable to existing standards. This program explores the history and future of Fiber Optics and Fiber Optics Capabilities and cost of installation. Using our quality Fusion Splicing Machines and other professional tools such as OTDR, students will prove their competence in the following

  • Understand the history and operation of Fiber Optics
  • Terminate a variety of connectors
  • Perform Fusion Splicing and Mechanical Splicing
  • Perform cable preparation for Fusion and Mechanical Splicing
  • Assemble a Splice enclosure
  • Fully test and troubleshoot Fiber Optic cables and Fiber Optic Systems using an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR).
  • 1000+ students trained till now
  • Job assistance, Self Employment Support etc..
  • Life time backup Support to our Trained students
  • Our Course instructors have solid practical experience and are experts in the electronic and computer   Hardware theory and practical.
  • our labs ,classes, equipments are updated technology in this world
  • we are providing govt of india approved certificate
  • our institute is an ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED
  • we are one of the educational partner C-DIT UNDER GOVT OF KERALA
  • we are providing motivation ,communication ,soft skill development classes for the students better performance
  • we 15 years experienced in the field of education